Decoding messages hidden in crop circles is not the sort of thing you would expect from a Harvard scientist.

Dr Horace Drew from Florida is one scientist on a mission to decode them.

For those of you who do not understand what these mysterious circles are, please don’t click away and read on. 

Crop circles go back as far as 1678 when a pamphlet discovered in Hertfordshire England told the first ever story of a crop circle. The pamphlet tells the story of a farmer who discovered his field “glowing with flames” one night and the next morning the field perfectly mowed in a circular pattern and “that no mortal man could do the like”. 

mowing devil messages hidden in crop circles

Experts agree that this was one of the earliest discoveries of crop circles and the pamphlet entitled “The Mowing Devil: Strange News Out Of Hertfordshire” is the first recorded incident. 

In 1880 there were other recorded sightings of circles in flattened crops but most discoveries happened in and around Wiltshire, England during the 1990s.

The patterns started as simple circles in crops during the early 1990s and then formed into more complex shapes as the years went by. Many tabloids reported on them being hoaxed and there was even a group of men who claimed they did most around Wiltshire.

The mystery surrounding these circles is not as simple as it sounds. Let’s face it there are tools and techniques used by these hoaxers that can make circles and even some very mathematical shapes. 

The problem with this theory is that the more recent circles from the late 1990s were more than just designs in a crop field. 

The patterns became much more complex and mathematical and created either in the dark or within seconds sometimes, according to various eyewitnesses. 

Designs became much more evolved and stretched as far as large football pitches and even larger sometimes. This would take human beings days to create but they appeared overnight.

messages hidden in crop circles wiltshire

Visitors and people with psychic abilities claim they can tell which are genuine and which aren’t. The feeling you get when one stands in the middle of a design can make you feel very unusual with a sense of “vibrant electricity” emanating from inside the circles. 

Many investigators have proven that the corn is not bent but burnt at the stems like it’s zapped by a microwave.

Dr Horace Drew reveals messages hidden in crop circles

During the early to mid-2000 crop circles became images of discs with binary messages, alien heads and even a message back from extraterrestrials from the message we sent into space in the 1970s. 

Experts in the paranormal and crop circle topic became very excited as they realized that the patterns were displaying some kind of hidden messages.

Dr Horace Drew studied messages hidden in crop circles and after realizing that some (not all) circles are hoaxes, the genuine ones included hidden binary messages. Drew understood the binary coding and claims to have decoded the messages. 

Some messages are from extra-terrestrial beings who are studying and watching over us and the other ones are from time travellers that are using the patterns as markers.

Drew mentioned that the hoax circles are very distinguishable from the genuine ones as they are imperfect and messy in their designs when you study them more closely. 

Apparently, messages hidden in crop circles have been studied over the years but one circle in Wiltshire, England featured a very descriptive alien head holding what looks like a disc with a code. 

The message is this:

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.

Much PAIN but still time,


There is GOOD out there.

We oppose DECEPTION.

Conduit CLOSING.

Decipher it as you wish but this is one message from a very detailed design in a crop field in England.

During more recent years the crop circle phenomenon has declined slightly. There are still formations appearing but as we all know many humans are far too busy with their lives to take notice of a highly advanced pattern forming within minutes in a crop field. 

It’s a real shame that the majority, including the media, have no interest in these amazing patterns.

Many still think they are all man-made and would never even look into the more recent designs. As we mentioned,  drunk old men made some of them after stumbling out of the English pubs late at night in the heart of Wiltshire. That does not answer the question: 

Who is making the real ones?

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