What is a Dybbuk?

A Dybbuk is a very malicious and dark spirit or entity that has been around for centuries. The name originates from the Hebrew word Kufsat Dibbuk.

These malicious spirits have been captured in old wine boxes and sold on eBay. The recent trend has escalated as many curious folk love to dabble in the paranormal and have been purchasing them.

People who are buying these spirit boxes are experiencing some really weird and scary happenings since buying them.

A video online has been going viral recently. The video shows a guy opening one of these boxes and experiencing a few weird happenings like noises and a picture dropping off the wall.

So what is inside these boxes?

eBay sellers are stating that the boxes include trapped demons or dark spirits which have been sealed in candle wax. The boxes also include a letter or note which indicates that a witch or a member of the dark arts have caught the demon and entrapped them in the box.

There is a warning in the note explaining that these Dybbuk boxes must be handled very carefully. Unexpected paranormal activity can happen once you are in possession of the box.

The video that has been posted online shows a guy that has purchased one of these boxes. He uses an EMF detector which detects electromagnetic fields. These electronic devices are used widely in paranormal investigations and you can hear the EMF reader bleeping.Dybbuk EMF detector

The EMF detector bleeps round the back of the box only for some strange reason. These detectors also pick up EMF readings around microwave ovens and plugs. You can clearly see the EMF reader bleeping at the rear of the box and goes silent when he pulls the detector away from the box.

The experiment continues with an EVP detector which picks up electronic voice phenomenon (spirit voices). The guy in the video asks some questions like “are you unhappy that you are trapped in this box?”. He then gets some muffled responses so decides to crack the box open.

There is a crystal in the Dybbuk box and after checking the crystal with the EMF meter (no bleep) he then realizes that the wax is broken. After opening the box you can hear some strange noises and see a picture fall off the wall. The guy shooting the video decides to vacate the house and head off to his brothers in the car.

The video then ends after 5 minutes. There are plenty of these videos on YouTube which features people unboxing these spirit boxes. Some are fake and some look very authentic.

Dybbuk spirit box

Would you buy one of these spirit boxes? Do they really capture dead spirits and entities? If you do then please send us your experiences and message our page.

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